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Steel Shop Detailing

With decades of experience in the industry, Steel Shop Detailing are proud to offer a range of services, including:-

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Assembly Drawings

An assembly drawing is a key aspect of product design and fabrication that can provide detail on how to assemble a product, device or item consisting of more than one component, at a manufacturing or consumer level. The information is detailed in a clear and concise way, often including a bill of materials to ensure all parts are available in the required numbers. Here at Steel Shop Detailing our assembly drawings are delivered accurately and on time.

Marking Plans

An indispensable aspect in construction and fit-outs, marking plans describe the placement of essential elements for a building to be erected and can provide information for early stages of civil and construction to proceed. Typical marking plans include approval drawing for the identification and location of all relevant parts issued. Our marking plans are unrivalled in accuracy and clarity and give clear visual representations of structures.

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Bolt Layout

Another key aspect in the early stages of construction, bolt layouts are designed in collaboration with clients to ensure subsequent bolts are accurately and precisely installed allowing for fabricated parts to be erected unhindered. Here at Steel Shop Detailing, our bolt layouts communicate clearly and concisely relevant information for contractors to builds to proceed smoothly, whilst allowing various elements to be carried out concurrently.

Fitting Sheets

Like every other aspect of our services, our fitting sheets are unrivalled in quality and clarity, whilst remaining uncluttered for the highest level of understanding and efficient communication of detail. Don’t compromise on this key aspect; ensure every element of your build is manufactured accurately and without error.

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