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Who we are

Steel Shop Detailing is a company owned and managed by Tony Stephens, who has over 25 years of experience, working in the industry on a huge number of high profile projects including high rise buildings, sports stadiums and in the mining sector. Over this time, Tony has developed an effective approach to every job, working closely with consultants and clients to ensure every need and expectation is communicated, understood and exceeded.

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What we do

Here at Steel Shop Detailing we apply our experience and expertise to a huge range of services to ensure your every project can move ahead smoothly. From marking plans and bolt layouts to assembly drawings, handrail drawings and much more, if you want accuracy and clarity, look no further than the team from Steel Shop Detailing.

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What separates us

When it comes to great steel detailing, there are a number of aspects of which we believe separates us from the pack:-


With over two decades of experience and having worked for industry leaders, we have developed an unrivalled workflow and attention to detail that money can’t buy. Of course experience is only useful when constantly evolving and so we bring our expertise into the 21st century with the latest design software.


In this industry, without accuracy, the job simply isn’t worth doing and so we ensure that our experience and expertise is poured into every project. By using the leading design software we can ensure clear and concise communication of details.


Much like accuracy, the capacity to deliver projects on time is essential in the industry and delays and disruptions to deadlines can cause a cascade costing more time, money and stress for all involved parties. Our experience and high developed workflow ensures that big or small, we deliver on time, every time.

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